If you’ve arrived for an important business meeting from another city or country, you may need to rent a car. A luxury-class car will take you to your destination on time and will support your reputation.

Rent of a car with a driver.

The rent includes the fuel cost and cost of the services of highly qualified drivers. Every driver is a professional with many years of experience, who knows the city and the roads perfectly. If you rent a car with a driver, you ensure fast and safe transportation in the city. You’ll feel yourself comfortable even in a city you are not familiar with.

Rent of a car without a driver.

If you need a car from time to time, our car rent service will help you. Why spend lots of money for owning and servicing of a car, if you don’t need it most of the time. You can always use a car rent service. You just should have your driving license with you and will document the lease at the spot. After that you can proceed with your own programme.

We’ll choose the car taking into account all you preferences up to the colour and interior.