Big experience in aviation consulting enables the specialists of “Stronding Air” to provide you with any type of consulting service from separate forms of informational and advisory support up to the full set of escort.

If you are an owner of an aircraft already

We’ll provide you with monitoring over current operation of the aircraft, recommendations on optimization of expense; maintenance quality increment; refunding of the aircraft; verification of registration and evaluation of profitability of registration and certification of the aircraft in a particular country; change of registration; recommendations regarding insurance companies; improvement of onboard service; and maximumeconomical efficiency from commercial operation of the aircraft. We’ll take care of the training of the flight crew and ground staff.

If you are thinking of becoming an owner of an aircraft

We’ll find a type of an aircraft which we’ll be profitable and efficient for your purposes, provide good conditions for funding of the aircraft in order to minimize operational expenses, help with certification and registration, negotiation with the owner of the aircraft, documentation; we’ll check if there any problems with the particular aircraft, we’ll provide an independent technical expertise of the aircraft and coordinate storing and future operation of the aircraft.