MEDEVAC is a special flight type which requires an aircraft specially equipped for medical transportation, highly qualified medical staff and the highest level of efficiency for emergency response. Quite often transportation of a patient by air is the only way to save his life and health.

MEDEVAC Charter provided by “Stronding Air” is:

– organizing of emergency medical flights
– organizing of MEDEVAC flights
– transportation of patients to clinics and specialized medical centres
– transportation of patients home after treatment

Depending on the complicacy of the task, condition of the patient and his location the medical charter flight may be organized on an aircraft leased from our partners in any place of the world and equipped in accordance with the most modern medical achievements with a team of professional medical staff on board. Thus, a fast and reliable medical evacuation of the patient is ensured as well as the transportation and high quality medical treatment.

Our manager will organize transportation of the patients and the accompanying people by ambulance vehicles to any airport as well as the meeting upon arrival and efficient coordination with the medical facilities. The patients using our service won’t have to undergo all the bureaucratic formalities and other problems on their way to the clinic.