Handling means servicing of flights on ground. Our handling agents are the link between the aviation companies and numerous airport services. They coordinate the process and control the quality of the services. Such delegation of powers enables aviation companies to save time, get a better quality of service and minimizes the paperwork. Handling is the standard practice of western airports. In Ukraine the complex services as per “one window” principle are provided by “Stronding Air” Company. Contractual relations with airports allow our company to provide ground support to business aviation operators and aviation companies performing regular flights to all airports in Ukraine.

The company provides the following services:

  • help with air-navigation support of flights,
  • obtaining of clearances for overflight/landing on the territory of Ukraine,
  • representing of the aviation company in the aviation authorities of Ukraine, airports, other companies dealing with aviation.
  • meeting of the aviation company’s aircraft, complete escort and coordination of all airport services in Ukraine.
  • control of the quality, volume and timeliness of technical and commercial support of flights.
  • settling of accounts, provision of documentation and records
  • arrangements for crew accommodation according to the aviation company request
  • advertising of the company’s flights
  • organisation of meeting and escort for VIP passengers
  • assistance with check-in of passengers and luggage.
  • refuelling services in the airports of Ukraine
  • provision of catering to the crew and passengers
  • provision of additional transit cargo on the flights of the aviation company